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Leaders in technology since 1981.

ACUTRONIC Medical Systems AG was founded 1981 in Hirzel, Switzerland. We first gained worldwide attention for our jet ventilation products – a specifically assigned method of artificial respiration in ENT and thoracic surgery. Being the driving force behind the Foundation of the European Society for Jet Ventilation, we had already recognised  the importance of developing new ways of artificial respiration technologies for high risk patients.

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Distributing worldwide.

Today, ACUTRONIC is a privately-held company developing, manufacturing, and distributing high tech ventilation and monitoring solutions for NICUs/PICUs, and ICUs; and provide intensive care transportation in over 90 countries. We are the leading partner for hospitals when it comes to the most critical areas of respiratory care: neonatalogy/pediatrics, jet ventilation, and difficult airway management.

Forward thinking.

It is our aspiration to develop innovative solutions that simplify the busy clinical routine for caregivers, and increase the safety of patients. With over 30 years of experience, and together with our global network of clinical experts, we are quickly able to translate new developments into real innovations – whilst continually challenging ourselves to improve and set standards in the market.

Exploring where others stop.

ACUTRONIC products have won an excellent reputation for precision, quality, and service in the industry. We strive every day to provide the best technical solutions needed for the most medically challenging groups of patients. We continuously explore beyond where others stop.


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