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Robotic technologies and systems are increasingly gaining ground in the medical sector again. Specifically in the field of surgery, many applications aiming to assist surgeons are being supported by assistance systems more and more frequently. It is not a question of replacing the surgeon but of enhancing his or her skills.

AKTORmed, the German market leader in robotic assistance systems guiding endoscopes in minimally invasive surgery, boasts more than ten years of experience. In this context, our SOLOASSIST II platform sets an industrial benchmark regarding flexibility, functionality and operability. At present, we are addressing interventions in general surgery, urology and gynaecology.

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SOLOASSIST II - Give yourself freedom

Intelligent assistance systems for minimally invasive surgery

The assistance system for MIS surgery

  • Full functionality for visceral surgery, urology and gynaecology.
  • Stable and shake-free image, enhancing the quality of surgery.
  • Assistants can focus their full attention on the operating procedure and thus actively support the surgeon.
  • Stable positioning of the endoscope to obtain a steady image
    Thanks to its carbon structure, the SOLOASSIST is stable and vibration-free. It does not shake or tilt the horizon, enabling fatigue-free work.
  • Straightforward and intuitive operation via joystick
    The human hand is the most precise tool at our disposal. Manual work can be performed intuitively without mental stress. That is why you control the SOLOASSIST via an ergonomic joystick – simply simple.
  • Precise endoscope positioning within a unique range of movement
    You determine the image yourself. There are no misunderstan- dings. Positioning is precise and sensitive. Thanks to the unique range of movement, there is no need to adapt the way you work.
  • Unhindered access to the patient site, no bothersome components impeding the trocar area.
    The SOLOASSIST supports the endoscope from above, leaving ample room for your instruments. There is no need to alter your normal workflow.
  • Straightforward handling; ready to operate in just a few minutes
    Straightforward and quick set-up and disassembly. The SOLOASSIST is attached directly on the operating table and covered with a sterile drape while the patient is being prepared for surgery.
  • Reusable. Thanks to a flexible concept of autoclavable components, the SOLOASSIST is immediately ready for the next surgical intervention – no waiting times.


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