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Fritz Stephan GmbH, a mid-sized family-owned medical technologies enterprise, is regarded as one of the world leaders in the development of specialised technical solutions in ventilation, anesthesiology, and oxygen supply, with special focus on neonatology and paediatrics.

Clinical experience coupled with a high level of technical competence, is achieved by close cooperation and an active dialogue with customers on a global scale.

Representatives in many different countries ensure that development efforts are concurrent with actual medical requirements on both national, and international levels. This knowledge of the ever changing needs, and requirements, of patients and medical professionals, facilitates the further evolution of state-of-the-art medical systems. The development and supply of cutting-edge technology solutions for the benefit of the patient, is the ultimate goal – and is the vision of both the Fritz Stephan GmbH, and its second generation majority owner Ms. Tanja Stephan.

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