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AT2005 1Unistik TinyTouch Preemie

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Heel incision device engineered to deliver minimal pain and discomfort

The Unistik® TinyTouch™ heel incision device features a motion blade that is engineered to deliver minimal pain and discomfort. With optimized penetration depths, Unistik® TinyTouch™ has been designed to reach superficial blood vessels without affecting the deeper dermal pain fibers, resulting in a more comfortable experience for tiny patients.1 Unistik® TinyTouch™ also offers a side-activated, single-use safety lancet for frequent glucose testing.

Unistik® TinyTouch™ features an alignment guide that is clearly visible from underneath and either side of the device, to control precise placement. The contoured body provides healthcare professionals with multiple grip options, giving greater control and confidence during the procedure, with minimal disturbance to the infant.

Unistik TinyTouch options extended Preemie 2



  • Extra gentle heel incision, avoids the penetration of deep dermal pain fibers for a more comfortable experience for tiny patients1
  • Easy to grip and guide for optimal sampling first time

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1. Shah V. et. al. Evaluation of a New Lancet Device on Pain Response and Success of Procedure in Term Neonates. Arch Pediatr Med 2003: 157: 1075-1078