The AmniSure ROM Test

The AmniSure ROM Test aids in the diagnosis of ruptured fetal membranes (ROM). Premature ROM occurs in about one out of ten pregnancies and constitutes a major factor of both pre and post-natal complications. In the United States, it is estimated that 30% of pregnant women are checked for PROM during pregnancy.

If the rupture of the amniotic sac resulting in fluid leakage is not detected and treated in a timely and accurate manner (within 24 hours from the occurrence of the rupture), infection and other serious complications for the neonate and the mother may occur. Diagnosis of ruptured fetal membranes is of crucial importance at any period in a pregnancy for prompt hospitalization and for timely and proper treatment.

The AmniSure ROM Test:

  • Is ~99% accurate*
  • Detects the PAMG-1 protein marker
  • Provides results within minutes
  • Does not require a speculum examination
  • Has no gestational age limitation
  • Is billable with CPT 84112

*According to published data
See The CodeMap? Compliance Briefing dated 9/17/2010

The AmniSure ROM Test Procedure:

P: 1300 552 003