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Remove uncertainty around ROM diagnosis with AmniSure®

Pregnancy and labour are full of uncertainty. No one can predict how a pregnancy will progress, how and when a woman will go into labour or how long her labour will last. Every woman’s experience is unique, requiring personalised care and treatment.

The rupture of a woman’s fetal membrane (ROM) is an important part of this experience. For many women, ROM marks the start or progression of labour. When it occurs prematurely – before the onset of contractions or before 37 weeks gestation – it can be a sign of a serious complication.

An accurate diagnosis of premature rupture of membranes (PROM) can help you ensure every woman receives the care and support they need during pregnancy, birth and after their baby is born.

If PROM is confirmed, a woman may need to be admitted to hospital for monitoring or medical intervention. For women in regional areas, this can mean being transferred to a metropolitan hospital, away from their family or support network.

These are important decisions that could affect a woman’s experience, and the outcomes for her and her baby. There is no doubt that an accurate and timely diagnosis of PROM is crucial but, without an obvious leakage from the cervix, diagnosis can be difficult.

Research[1] shows that 47% of the time clinicians are not confident in their diagnosis of PROM based on history and examination alone. But the use of AmniSure, a quick, non-invasive bedside test, provides the information they need to make a confident diagnosis. And this certainty can change the way the clinician manages a woman’s care and treatment.

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AmniSure is 99% accurate in diagnosing PROM – more accurate than nitrazine (pH), ferning, pooling and ultrasound. It doesn’t require a speculum examination, gives results in minutes and can be used at any gestational age. RANZCOG guidelines also recommend AmniSure in the diagnosis of term PROM.

So, while some uncertainty during pregnancy is inevitable, with AmniSure you can be confident you’re providing the right care and treatment to women with suspected PROM, without unnecessary medical intervention.

[1] Neil PRL, Wallace EM. Is AmniSure® useful in the management of women with prelabour rupture of the membranes? Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 2010

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